Democratizing Philanthropy: Technology, Innovation and Giving


Technology is changing the way we do most everything, and philanthropy is no exception. The convergence of a new generation of technology, entrepreneurship and social consciousness is creating an unprecedented opportunity for anyone with time, networks, expertise or money to help transform our world for good. Giving should be fueled both by people’s individual passions and strategic thinking, but what is the most high-impact approach to take and what are the key questions to ask? Come hear social entrepreneur, educator and pioneer of strategic philanthropy, Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen and Foundation President Suzanne DiBianca discuss the transformation and democratization of philanthropy, as well as outline tactics to dramatically improve how you can create measurable social good both inside and outside of your professional environment. Laura will also discuss how she’s using technology to globally scale philanthropy education through her new massive, open online philanthropy course (“Giving 2.0: The MOOC” - launching on Coursera on October 6th). In the meantime to learn more and to register for the course, please go to: