Modernizing Your Inside Sales Team for the Age of the Customer


With the business world fast evolving, pivoting the sales performance of an established global brand to meet the new and increasing demands of the day presents a major challenge. The structure and behaviors that had once resulted in a long history of success, eventually become threatened by shifting market forces and increased competition. So when it?s apparent that an entrenched, even antiquated sales culture must fundamentally adapt to continue to thrive -- as the saying goes, old habits die hard. Join us to learn how Dun & Bradstreet met this challenge and their winning strategies for successfully modernizing their sales culture. You'll get the first-hand lessons they learned in the process -- from developing a culture that champions meaningful coaching and motivation, to training those behaviors by infusing gamification tools and tactics in Salesforce with success.You can look forward to not only hearing how leading businesses are approaching the challenge of modernizing their own inside sales teams, but strategies and tactics to use in your organization as you continually pivot your sales processes to meet the ever-changing demands of modern business.